HopBase: a unified genomic database for hop (Humulus lupulus)

HopBase v1.0 Released

Good news! HopBase 1.0 has been released. It includes gene models, annotations, and three different genome assemblies. In addition, the male data presented at the International Humulus Symposium IV has also been included. The previously published shinsuwase assembly from Natsume et al 2014 is included and now publicly annotated. We have also begun testing of a new genome assembler designed specifically for comparative genomics, called Cantina. Cantina focuses around using transcript information to scaffold contigs and build more complete gene models. Look out for updates in the future by signing up for our mailing list.

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Our current genome assembly, gene models, and GBS alignments are available on our JBrowse instance.

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All of our resources associated with the Hop genome project are kept up to date in one place. Note: currently there is only data available for early release.

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