Draft Cascade genome assembled from PacBio long reads using FALCON/FALCON-Unzip

         Download assembly     Draft FALCON-Unzip genome assembly containing 11705 primary contigs (FASTA: 4.31Gb)

         Download masked assembly     Repeat-masked assembly (FASTA: 4.33Gb)

         RNA-seq aligned to draft FALCON-Unzip assembly with HISAT2 and assembled into transcripts with StringTie

         Download merged StringTie transcripts from leaf, meristem, and stem     GFF3: 35.62Mb

         Download StringTie leaf transcripts     GFF3: 22.61Mb

         Download StringTie meristem transcripts     GFF3: 30.70Mb

         Download StringTie stem transcripts     GFF3: 28.80Mb

         Primary contigs from draft FALCON-Unzip assembly aligned to hop ESTs from TrichOME with megablast

         Download TrichOME EST alignments     GFF3: 51.87Mb

         Primary contigs from draft FALCON-Unzip assembly aligned to UniProt proteins with blastp

         Download UniProt alignments     GFF3: 685.15Mb